Hercynian her new machinery to teach you how to use the heavy sanding machine

by:Gewinn     2020-06-19
Sanding machine how to operate it, hercynian below her new mechanical details about the operation steps of heavy sanding machine: a before operation, the operator must be familiar with the function of the machine use and operation attention to matters, for the first time the operator do not alone on the relevant personnel shall not be close to the machine operation. 2 by the machine, the operator shall not wear clothes such as tie necklace loose clothes please send hair hair, or wear wigs are strictly forbidden to wear gloves operation machine. Three, the guidance of the heavy sanding machine installation please do not remove at will, do not place any items not mission store on the tasks such as wrench, in order to prevent foreign body get stuck and cause damage of the machine. Four, open the power switch before be sure to confirm all switches in the OFF position, normal task before sharp reflection of the abrasive belt clean level, reflection direction of abrasive belt device can correct ( Abrasive belt opposite arrows point to differences and rubber wheel steering) Swing, abrasive belt specification can be applicable, abrasive belt can moderate abrasive belt tightness can moderate walks with a running track, moderate, walks with elastic can moderate cutter blade device can correctly. Five, all processing before cover shall not be removed prior to determine the size of the wood can be within the scope of the processing of the machine, adjust the thickness of the correct processing, too thick will incur walks with wood jammed fracture, the device can be used for only the average thickness of wood sanding cannot be applied to the extent of the wood bending correction task, and the triangular diamond and circular veneers can't processing, must pay attention to the workpiece can be so as not to damage the machine such as metal accessories. Six, the normal operation of operation please don't hesitate to pay attention to the electric load ammeter, avoid rendering present jumping or sand paper from the machine overload and load, the abrasive belt split or fracture etc. Corrective measures: 1 slow down the speed of sand band; 2 a change in coarse sand compare sandpaper; 3 the rubber wheel or sanding linking piece position to reduce some quantity to increase sanding. Seven, when the operator tasks, artifacts once walked in with his hands immediately separate, artifacts to dominate walked in on average, is the average abrasive belt and rubber wheel, prevent uneven wear, extend the service life of the application of the abrasive belt and rubber wheel adjustment under eight, sanding machines, surface using computer digital elevator controller, mesa adjustment is beyond the scope of the controller adjustment is forbidden, not to manually adjust the mesa height, so as to avoid the formation of mesa tilt data errors or elevator controller, walks the CVT belt speed adjustment speed to be in the machine. Nine, please be sure to end of the task will be a clearing machine clean, clearing The Times will be sand paper to be removed, stay put sandpaper again at the end of the liquidation. Suggested that after the completion of the task will be abrasive belt to prevent temporary in abrasive belt tension bearings form cause gradual relaxation. 10 and necessary training for new staff able to operate the machine ahead, and before the employee not fully familiar with the machine function must be accompanied by the old employees tasks do not operate alone. The operator for things to separate jobs are necessary to shutdown eradicate mix in the operation.
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