Hexagon Survey Group acquires American Survey Services

by:Gewinn     2022-05-01
Sweden's Hexagon Metrology Group (HexagonMetrology) recently announced that it has acquired Advanced Digital Measurement Works, LLC, located in Santayana, California, USA. Originally part of Surveyor's Service Company (also a Hexagon subsidiary), the company has been supplying precision industries to a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, entertainment, medical, power generation for 17 years History of measurement services, reverse engineering and inspection capabilities, etc. The company's measurement services use the latest 3D measurement technologies (such as laser trackers, portable articulated arm measurement machines, etc.). Hexagon Measurement Group has formed a complete set of capabilities in measurement hardware, software, accessories and user services, including Brownu0026Sharpe, CogniTens, LeicaGeosystems, ROMER, Sheffield, PC-DMIS, DEA, Leitz, TESA, etc. The quality assurance products of famous brands. Advanced Digital Measurement will become a subsidiary of HexagonAB's business unit, Hexagon Measurement Technologies.
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