High frequency sanding machine is introduced

by:Gewinn     2020-06-22
Machinery has launched to thoroughly sanding CNC five-axis high frequency different sanding machine, the first in the country. According to introducing, this kind of high frequency different sanding machine implement humanized programming, computer numerical control, sand optical axis can be carried out in accordance with the final form of wooden door to consequent sanding, sanding size effect is good, break through the original surface sanding machine on the market only the limits of the flat surface sanding, the solid Angle of the door of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, corner area can also be complete, so on the using range and processing functions are the development and extension, significantly different from the previous products. At the same time, the device and dust collection system and dust separation system, the whole technical level of the equipment to achieve the same quality of German equipment. Small make up also learned that the current production stereo carve patterns or designs on woodwork door furniture and wooden door enterprises, sanding a grinder accounted for about 40% of the total number of employees, sanding and painting sanding substrate products cost of labor and capital is very high, become a wood to the difficulties in enterprise management. Wiltshire high-frequency alien sanding machine can not only keep the environment clean and tidy clean in production, and high efficiency are of good quality and greatly reduce the production personnel, operation of the equipment only need two people to complete, for finished product door, paint sanding, paint sanding and substrate sanding can reach 100% efficient in place. Woodworking machinery, as well as improve their technical level raised wooden door and furniture industry, the overall quality of the product. The equipment has been completed commissioning at present, and on June 15, participated in the Harbin economic and trade fair, which meet with the customers all over the country.
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