Hitachi Tools launches superhard taps for internal thread machining of hardened materials above 35HRC

by:Gewinn     2022-05-05
Hitachi Tool has released two types of superhard taps (pictured) that can perform internal threading on hardened materials. High-speed steel taps are generally used for internal thread processing, and tapping of quenched materials is difficult. When using superhard taps, in order to prevent breakage and chipping, it must be processed before quenching. With the new product, it can be processed after quenching, thus shortening the manufacturing cycle of molds and parts. The new products include 'EpochSuperHardTap' for 50-60HRC materials and 'EpochSuperTap' for 35-50HRC materials. The former improves chip discharge by improving the cross-sectional shape. The latter enables stable machining by controlling chip packing during reverse rotation. Both taps have improved breakage resistance by increasing the diameter of the shank. Extended life by using coatings for high-hardness material processing.
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