holey moley! it’s a transit miracle

by:Gewinn     2019-08-23
Federal Environment Minister Peter Kent quipped that it was his first \"boring\" political speech.
He\'s just one of the first of the four giant boring machines TTC will use to tunnel Toronto at a Friday ceremony with many easy \"numbers\"
Metro extension of York Spadina.
New York regional president Bill Fisch spoke about his dog, and TTC president Karen Stintz\'s name selected in TTC\'s New Toronto public competition could not control her entertainment --
Customized machine
With holes, Molly, York, Torkie.
Ontario transport minister Catherine Wayne smiled as he congratulated the construction workers and engineers who gathered at the future Sheppard station.
This is where the first tunnel rig is located at the bottom of two tunnels.
It will start digging South in the next two weeks.
\"It\'s a hard, intense labor, and a day\'s time is good for any of us,\" she points to her political colleagues . \". The $2.
The subway is 6 billion metres and will extend by 8 kilometers.
6 kilometers from Townsville station to Vaughan Metropolitan Center, the first TTC Metro across the Toronto municipal border.
It is expected to be completed by 2015, which is a new cross
Regional transit measures, Wayne said.
\"Projects like this are changing the culture of the Greater Toronto Hamilton area.
We think cars are the answer to all the questions. . .
It is not easy to solve this cultural transformation. . .
\"The reality is that it will take a long time for these projects to start and complete,\" she said . \".
This is especially true in New York, \"a region that has nothing but cars, which has the highest proportion of four cars --
New York regional president Bill Fisch said he went on to remind attendees that New York also wants the Yongji subway to extend north.
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford pulled off his subway platform.
\"I\'m a huge fan of the subway.
The subway is the future of rapid transportation, \"he told reporters and construction workers assembled at the launch well.
Ford said the metro will be the gateway to Townsville park, the University of York and the pioneer village of Black Creek, as well as the link between transportation and transportation in the York area.
The $58 million tunnel digging machine, which will be launched in the summer and autumn this year, is digging the first subway crossing the city\'s border.
Fees are shared by Ottawa, Queen\'s Park, York area and Toronto.
Toronto MP Joe Mihevc was on the sidelines on Friday, a former TTC board member who said it would take a miracle to do the Metro
\"Let the money and the political miracle of this political cooperationoperation.
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