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by:Gewinn     2020-06-06
Here is my project homade CNC milling machine.
The machine uses old parts (
Old furniture countertops decorated in the kitchen)
And cheap Chinese parts.
The design of the milling machine is developed during the construction process.
After the first test of processing, some minor modifications were made.
Machine Design has never been well modeled or drawn.
The whole concept is developed in the construction process.
The construction time is shortened by such a simple design.
This is not a commercial project.
Currently, I am already working on the next version of the machine and it will be more compact and controlled by arduino uno.
The purpose of the project is to create a machine that helps with simple construction work.
However, it turns out to be a lot of fun working on a machine, and to be honest, I would recommend anyone to build their own cnc machine.
Because of this, the Internet is a project for many CNC machines, and I will focus mainly on the most important problems that may arise when making machines and machine processing demonstrations myself.
The purpose of the project is to build a CNC milling machine capable of effectively handling soft materials such as wood, plastic, aluminum, etc.
By making such a machine, you need to realize that it doesn\'t match a commercial machine worth starting at $100,000.
As far as I\'m concerned, I decided to control mach3.
The advantage of this control is the low price at very high capacity.
The only limitation here is that a computer must be equipped with an outdated operating system (Windows XP).
In my case, I used an old laptop with a parallel connector LPT.
The heart of the machine is cheap 3-Axis controller
Based on TB6560 and 3 stepping motors (X axis -3A 3Nm, Y-axis -
2 Nm 2, 8A, Z axis-2,8A 2 Nm).
Power supply for the system is used in the switching power supply of 24 V 12A.
The spindle 12 000 rpm 48 V 300 W is initially powered by a 24 v power supply.
Eventually, the power supply is connected in series with the laptop power supply 19v4a.
In this way, the spindle gets a power supply of 43 V and can reach 10 000 rpm.
Cross Table for mechanical design (XY).
The Z axis is mounted on the frame of the furniture board.
The material for using a relatively thick guide is sufficient. The X-
The diameter of the roller guide rail is 20 (
Table is supported on 4 linear sliders)in the Y-
Axis in the first version I used guide roller diameter 10.
Later I found out that I changed it to support the guide roller diameter 16.
The structural stiffness here has a great impact on the function of the machine and its processing capacity. In the Z-
Axis I used the guide diameter 20, but the spindle column moves only on 2 sliders.
It was soon clear that it was necessary to add 2 sliders in order to ensure greater rigidity of the machine.
In X-
The center shaft adopts a ball screw Rexroth diameter of 32.
The y-axis and z-axis use a ladder screw with a diameter of 10.
The use of a professional screw shaft X stems from the fact that it has an inventory.
Of course, I wouldn\'t install this screw if I had to buy it in the store.
Mechanical Installation starting from X
Support the shaft guide roller on standard bracket SK20 and furniture board.
This simplifies the construction of the machine, and the cost of the aluminum bracket is also very small.
Please note, however, that the focus on the entire table is progressing smoothly throughout the scope.
After the installation guide, we can continue to install the screws.
Please note that the fixing screws are as parallel as possible to the guide rail in the shaft.
X after assembly
Shaft, we can continue to install Y-
The axis table is similar in principle.
First of all, it is important to set the verticality of Y-X-axis guide.
Install the Z axis independently.
In this case, it is necessary to set the square Tibet and YZ.
Then we can install the stepping motor and the spindle.
In the case of the driver TB6560 is an electrical installation.
I suggest reading the instructions for the controller and enjoying the experience of the person who installed the machine using the same driver.
Here, it is important not to stick to a solution just to choose the one that is best for you.
All geometric settings in this structure can be corrected later.
However, do the best you can.
The boot is configured according to the environment mach3.
You must remember to specify the spacing of the propeller control and adjust the motor correctly.
It is best to break into several steps to start.
In my case, I start with the x-axis.
I have to find the maximum speed of the motor without losing the steps.
It is important that there is no vibration during movement.
I don\'t have a limit switch installed in my machine.
This is a more dangerous one.
In this kind of machine, it should be remembered that, although the size is small, the torque of the stepping motor is relatively large.
If we are out of range, it will cause damage to the machine, not to mention the possibility of crushing the fingers or hands.
I suggest to be particularly careful in the debugging phase.
Here are the photos and videos I took during construction and processing.
I hope you will have a good time watching my video.
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