Hot pressing machine, hot press wooden door, three hot press

by:Gewinn     2020-09-23
My company after decades the study of contemporary woodworking hot-pressing machine, summary and market feedback, again by company technical personnel to continuously explore, using the experience of domestic and foreign experts, research and development have meet furniture manufactory, wooden door factory, factory of man-made board, plywood factory, ecological plate factory, the fiber factory, companies such as particleboard factory needs the high quality of hot press. 1, selection of high quality steel products, ensure the hot platen not fracture, deformation, excessive wear, excessive corrosion and don't lose stability. 2, hot press host structure design is reasonable, ensure the stability of the fuselage, no noise, corrosion resistant with sufficient strength and rigidity. Ensure that other components installed, exchange, maintenance is convenient. 3, hot pressing machine adopts humanized design, guarantee the safety of operating personnel. Designers vital to stand in the Angle of the operators, the perspective-taking. Ensure that operators in the use of hot press cover paste, can not hurt by hot press hot platen. 4, then press using the latest technology research and development to be warming faster, heated evenly, environmental protection and energy saving of hydraulic thermal oil furnace. Ensure the hot-press veneer drying, hot press plate leveling, color decorative wood such as leveling, finalize the design, the effect is remarkable. 5, company technology research and development personnel developed hot press, fully considering the factors of environmental protection. Hot press operation is to ensure low noise, on the surrounding environment and cause no harm and pollution. At the same time to ensure staff safety and health of body and mind. Make the hot press and coordinated between people, embody the people-oriented design concept. Hot-pressing machine on a regular basis to maintain, easy to check, maintenance, and add oil, clean up dirt, etc. , check the electrical circuit wire aging, change of hot-pressing machine hot platen and so on. Check safety mark clearly. Joinery hot-press product from the product selection, design, maintenance, installation, stable and durable foundation design, such as the hot press product performance, and then to hot press products after-sales maintenance replacement parts are considered fully, for clients to reduce costs, is veneered furniture factory, door factory, particle board, joinery board companies such as the most rational hot-pressing machine products.
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