Hot stamping machinery common fault solution

by:Gewinn     2020-04-28
Usually when we use hot stamping machine, due to the continuous high temperature operation, working in such a case the machine is easy to fail, so, as users of hot stamping machine, to clear the principle of operation, to avoid machine failures due to improper operation. Below small make up for you something about stamping machinery common faults solution: 1, the main mechanical failure problems mechanical transmission failure, failure of the blade and uneven coating, etc. This kind of phenomenon we check the machine parts is an intact, and if there's any loose for its strong position. Transmission parts if there is any deviation. 2, so the problems mainly have feed gas path does not work, low air pressure, air leakage, the valve is ineffective. These phenomena, we must check the pneumatic components have any damage, if need to ask professional personage to repair replacement processing. 3, electrical fault problem mainly host stalling, program chaos, heating up slowly, etc. , the fault is not handle it as soon as possible can cause damage to the heating tube and motor. If serious will cause the whole mechanical damage. Found these situations we first check the motor, heating pipe, electrical control box, etc. , pay attention to check these must arrange professionals, amateurs do not operate. 4, adhesive failure problems mainly displays in running deviation, not adhere to wait for a phenomenon, if it is with sealing sideband, sol, shaft and related operation, the appearance of this kind of failure can be a single, also can be alternately. This phenomenon, you such as looking for professionals to deal with right now.
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