How accurate the choose and buy second-hand woodworking equipment?

by:Gewinn     2020-09-22
A lot of people when the choose and buy second-hand woodworking machinery to do not know how to start, how to choose and buy second-hand equipment? Do save money, use again? Is the same price, buy tin new good or import used, the following are the sum total of small make up to bring you, welcome your visit and the choose and buy.
(1) use degree; JinKouJi well; ( JinKouJi precision, high precision, long life, can be used for decades)
(2) service life; Most MTK life is not long, because of the imported technology, the result of the modification process is to save material, resulting in a decline in the quality;
3. Use the maintenance costs; Tin machine often bad, result in factory production, maintenance, JinKouJi performance is generally good, generally not easy bad, JinKouJi life is long; ( A lot of tin machine with six months after the maintenance cost is high, especially iron machine 1, 2 years later can't use. )
4. Recycling value; Used once to be a situation already, so in a few years to import used still value the money; But tin machine due to the higher maintenance costs two years later, at the same time precision accuracy is hard to meet the requirements, generally very few people to, so can only be sold as scrap metal. And so on.
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