How do woodworking machinery safe operating woodworking engraving machine

by:Gewinn     2020-09-24
How safe operating woodworking engraving machine woodworking machinery

1, don't be in the process of the running of the machine, the machine adjustment and maintenance.

2, woodworking engraving machine in the working process of the spindle speed is very high, generally the operators don't wear gloves when operating, if accidentally touch the spindle tool is easy to hand together with the glove in hand to damage.

3, woodworking carving machine while on the operating is fully automated equipment, but on the loading and unloading of materials or belong to the manual work, so it is important to note that when in feed hand contact with the cutting edge and cause damage.

4, woodworking carving machine spindle speed is high, coupled with the processed wood is not very uniform, in the process of cutting noise, vibration, workers labor intensity big, easily fatigue; The objective cause is also very easy to cause mechanical accident.

5, is the most important thing is that customers are not familiar with related performance and safety operation of woodworking engraving machine technology, or not in accordance with the safety operation procedures for convenience or processing operations, resulting in the accident. Incase of electric equipment, woodworking machinery don't own maintenance control many appliances with high pressure, must find carving factory maintenance.
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