How do woodworking sanding machine maintenance? What is the use skill? The following list

by:Gewinn     2020-06-22
Wood sanding machine can preciseness efficient to analyze linear sealing side of plank furniture enterprises, trimming and polishing, etc. , but research has a lot of Chinese in the process of we use woodworking sander, ignoring the woodworking sander wood sanding machine maintenance management of maintenance work. Although the maintenance woodworking sander may need time consuming certain human resources, material resources, but they can extend the service life of wood sanding machine using the network, improve the efficiency of student work and study, so it is important for wood sanding machine maintenance maintenance. Then I will for you mainly introduces the maintenance carpenter woodworking sander sanding machine four big pay attention to the development. 我。 Regular cleaning. First to woodworking sander occurring in the process of production of sawdust and debris to clean up all kinds of wood, prevent wood accumulation caused by movement, affect the normal use of woodworking sander, then cleared up some stains on the surface of the machine, keep woodworking sander clean and tidy, and prevent harmful substances of wood sanding the fuselage surface corrosion damage. 。 Second, on a regular basis to wood sanding machine lubrication. Should be lubricated bearing lubrication of various components of wood sanding machine, and be sure to select the appropriate lubricant, or will the influence of the normal use of woodworking sander. Third, organize regular inspection. Regular analysis of woodworking sander check system maintenance, in the process of maintenance and management to take a closer look at carpenter sanding machine wear some gears, bearings and other parts of the research situation, and by changing the serious problems of the wear parts in a timely manner. Four, woodworking sand opto-mechatronics brain system maintenance. 。 Today, most wood sanding machine is connected to the computer, so as to realize the automation of computer programming, if the computer system appear problem, will also affect the normal use of the machine. Woodworking sander will clean up every forty hours, on the sliding surface or wood sanding wood sanding machine oil hole 46 rail oil! Edge of oil-water separator, the sealing oil filling cup low viscosity compressor oil, oil cup by two-thirds, seizing the main drive motor, every two months, there is a gear oil without adding new test machine. At the bottom of the drive gear woodworking sander, clear plastic box is necessary for every 40 hours, filling of high viscosity oil. If we chose to use thicker sealing sideband sealing side, woodworking sander feed roller pressure tightness should be adjusted to best working position, the most easy to mistake the problem is too tightly on the life. Due to sealing sideband slightly longer than the workpiece, when the pressure is expected to roll pressure sealing sideband the part, sealing sideband components to a can't vertical to the direction of the force, the enterprise due to the glue has not yet completely different curing, agglutination intensity of material requirement is not high, the tail stick is not easy to loosen. Indoor temperature shoulds not be too low in the manufacturing process of 2, the general should be greater than 15 & deg; C, especially when the thickness of the sideband, flexibility is insufficient, in order to guarantee the normal operation of the preheating device, without preheating device also can use hair dryer heating methods such as softening sideband, this method is especially suitable for the curve edge banding. 。 Processing workshops in overwind not a phenomenon. 。 3 quality of sealing sideband sealing side effect, excellent quality and sealing products, sealing side out in the gap between the larger products sealing sideband sealing side of poor quality, have the obvious black line. Trace when trimming machine easy to scrape off the backing surface. From the edge of the thickness of the cross section, to glue on both sides of the more than many valleys, its sealing in more strict, good product surface in the middle of the edge band edge a little bit more. 4 real wood sealing side, the moisture content of materials can don't cry because it is too high, should be stored in a cool and dry room and base material with no dust, demanding the best quality of moisture content in 8 - 10%. 5 because of the sealing side of speed, adhesive to the base material under low pressure should have good dispersion and permeability, and should have good initial viscosity. Pressure in a short time, should be instant glue, glue is firm. 。 Attention should be paid to ensure that the temperature of the hot melt adhesive when used in normal temperature range, long time high temperature can make the glue; Low temperature hot melt adhesive cannot achieve good liquidity, to grasp when using data provided by the supplier. 。 6 hot melt adhesive glue amount should be, external components are slightly affected by plastic extrusion, too, has the black line of edge effect in appearance; Bonding strength is too small, enough. It is a continuous, can bring a test to test the hard PVC transparent film; Edge band edge can also be common, and when the sideband tear test were not the cooling of the adhesive. 7 for woodworking sander excellent milling cutter device manufacturers use different companies, the quality of the semi-finished products cutting equipment for sealing side is influence sealing side effect. General manufacturers to prevent the products of the company side, cutting through the use of the material when Nick saw ( Commonly known as small blade) , after cutting the best teaching effect research should be a small saw blade section place can see mark but the touch feeling less than study. Small blade mark too deep sealing side seal not firm, sealing side can see a black line can even see some gap, is too shallow and explosive.
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