how do you fix a massive plumbing leak when it\'s 55 stories underground?

by:Gewinn     2019-09-15
New York City is carrying out a huge pipeline repair work. Hard-
The hat workers worked hard under the 55-storey underground under the Hudson River to eliminate the water leakage in an aging tunnel, more than 85 miles from the Catskill Shanshui Library, carrying
Using cylindrical, space-rocket-
They are carved from hard rocks. 5-
Travel a mile through the tunnel at the worst leak.
When they complete the $1 billion tunnel in 2022, the water pipes throughout Delaware will be closed for several months in preparation for the transfer.
If they were right, New Yorkers wouldn\'t notice turning on the tap at all.
\"This is indeed the largest and most complex water hole repair in New York City\'s history,\" said Vincent Sapienza, commissioner of the municipal department of environmental protection.
\"We \'ve been wrestling with a lot of sports parts for years.
\"The Delaware water pipe is like the aorta to our circulation system for the city: the necessary passage to keep everything running.
It was drilled and blasted mainly during World War II, carrying about 0. 6 billion gallons a day, entirely caused by gravity, from four reservoirs in the Catskill area to a storage north of the city line
In addition to the complementary Catskill Aqueduct, the two also help connect a complex system that serves 9.
6 million people in New York City and northern cities.
Engineers and politicians compared 19 reservoirs, three lakes and a network of tunnels linking the ancient Roman waterways.
But Delaware\'s plumbing is at a weak point, passing through the limestone beneath the Hudson River near Newburgh, New York.
The limestone is less dense than the adjacent shale and \"gives\" more, so the staff protect the length of the concrete tunnel with steel sleeves.
But the reason is unknown-
Lack of vision, lack of steel in wartime
They did not extend it to the entire limestone layer.
A leak was formed in that gap, and some water poured into the river.
About 18 million gallons.
3% of the water pipe flow, or enough to fill up about 27 Olympic Games-
Pool size
Escape from the pipe every day.
The loss is too big to ignore, but for more than oneyear repair.
City officials finally decided to build a parallel detour that allowed months rather than years to measure the shutdown.
\"We cannot understand the closure of the tunnel,\" said Paul Rush, deputy director of the environment department.
In 2013, workers began digging two huge passages on both sides of the river, and actual tunnel construction began last summer.
A long cylindrical machine called \"Nora\" is pressed to the surface of the rock with a rotating 21. 6-
The foot diameter \"knife head\" embedded in 41 rotating steel blades \".
The tunnel drill is a machine used worldwide for major water and transport projects, named after civil engineer Nora Stanton Blatter Devin Barney.
The crushed rock came out of the back through the conveyor belt, loaded onto the railcar and dragged onto it.
At one time, dozens of workers went deep into the ground.
They work under Nora\'s control and put
Extend the concrete tunnel, operate the railcar and tend to be at 900-foot shaft.
This is a construction site in a cave. and a wet one.
Miners are constantly shaking through puddles from the permeable groundwater.
The 2022 drain will give the staff time to re-lay the water under the Hudson River and close other leaks about 25 miles away.
New York Wawarsing\'s losses are much smaller, but they do contribute to the plague of local flooded basements and lawns, causing the government to buy some homes.
Cutting off half of the city\'s water supply for up to eight months sounds like a disaster, but environmental agencies have been preparing for years.
Protection work such as low installation
Even with the development of the city, mobile toilets help to reduce the utilization rate of water.
The city will rely on the water supply of the Westchester suburban reservoirs and the Catskill waterways, which by then should have a higher capacity.
The water pipe will be closed for a few 10-
A one-week increment so that staff can remove microorganisms that produce a layer of \"biofilm\", which inhibits the flow of the entire centuryold tunnel.
By 2023, the water will flow through a bypass built for continuous use.
A layer of steel will be installed inside this tunnel and then for the last 14-foot-
Tunnel in diameter, through limestone formations all the way.
\"We are not going to come down soon,\" Rush said.
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