How should the lubrication wood lathe transmission system

by:Gewinn     2020-05-02
Wood lathe is indispensable equipment in woodworking industry, the use of it brought new vigor to the woodworking industry, processing of wood quality and efficiency have greatly improved. Wood lathe products processing in order to complete the cutting work, must have a main shaft movement and feed movement to cooperate with each other. Spindle motion by variable speed motor drive V belt input to the spindle box. Make main shaft gets different speed. Then through chuck drive the workpiece rotation. In order to ensure the normal operation of the lathe, reduce wear and prolong service life, deal with lathe all friction parts of lubrication, and pay attention to daily maintenance. According to the different parts of the product and usage with poured oil lubrication, billiard oil cup oil lubrication, butter cups of lubrication oil pump, oil lubrication lubrication method, such as reducing wear and maintenance cost, lengthen the service life of equipment. Main need lubrication points mainly has: poured oil lubrication: often used in the leakage sliding surface, such as lathe bed guide rail surface slide guideway. Splash lubrication: often used in airtight cabinet, such as lathe spindle box rotary gear to lubricating oil splash at the bottom of the box body upper tank, then the oil groove orifice flow to all lubricating points for lubrication. 't wick guide lubrication: commonly used to box slip board box oil pool, using the wick is easy oil absorption and easy oil leakage characteristics, introduced through the oil and oil lubrication points continuously drip lubrication. Billiard oil cup grease lubrication: often used in the tailstock, skateboard shake the handle and screw support bearing, oil gun end under the pressure of nozzle regularly marbles on oil cup will oil injection. Nozzle is removed, billiard relapsed in situ. Sealed oil mouth, in order to prevent dust entering. Butter cups lubrication: used to exchange the gearbox exchange between gear rack shaft or inconvenience often lubrication. Butter cups filled with calcium base grease in advance, and in need of lubrication, screw feed lid, extrusion to lubricating points to the cup grease. Pump oil lubrication: often used in high speed, requires a lot of lubricating oil continuous forced lubrication mechanism. In this way as many lubricating points in the headstock. For the use of wood lathe processing we need to do more than the lubrication of work outside, still need a lot of knowledge need to learn.
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