How to adjust the CNC woodworking lathe spindle speed change

by:Gewinn     2020-04-18
Numerical control woodworking lathe spindle adjusting speed that we often encounter problems in using process, we antai CNC woodworking lathe as you edit the three requirements, holds the four problems easily control lathe is not a problem. 1. Reference to operating instruction and the current situation of numerical control lathe production skills. Reduce replace belt groove slow down trouble, directly to the speed of the grinding. 2. According to the condition of lathe processing to the appropriate body to add and subtract the regulation of rotating speed and feeding speed on the premise of not affect machining conditions. 3. Would be repeated processing as the center set not processed the deflection caused by the cylinder, the deflection condition before repeating car wood will cause bad cutting of the cylinder; Especially in processing large column, stigma slow fust quickly. 4. Problem of variable-speed of spindle is directly related to the lathe processing of product quality problem, for a period of adjustment error could produce inferior products or scrap products, so at the time of adjusting should be especially careful. The above 4 points for you to share the numerical control woodworking lathe spindle speed problem, hope you can help to you, more questions please pay attention to our antai!
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