How to choose and buy second-hand woodworking machinery and equipment?

by:Gewinn     2020-09-25
At present, around the country about the second-hand woodworking machinery recycling enterprise numerous, filled with all kinds of second-hand woodworking machinery on the market, some second-hand woodworking machinery equipment quality is good, but there were also some claims the melon, puff phenomenon, so, how can we choose and buy good quality second-hand woodworking machinery and equipment? Small make up visited many industry experts, have the following points, hope to be able to help people in need.
we all want to save money and can buy suitable second-hand woodworking machinery, this is normal. So, we are in the same price, is to buy iron, new or imported used good? By comparing the following points, we can get the answer.
1, the precision of the imports of machinery and equipment, precision is higher than MTK, long service life. 2, compare to maintain their spending by the cost, the cost of iron machine be larger, because iron machine often bad, and JinKouJi life than iron captain, this does not affect the production, will not affect the work efficiency; 3, iron used as used in a few years, its precision is hard to meet our requirements, and JinKouJi can still hold their value, can be used; 4, sometimes because a lot of MTK domestic manufacturers in order to save materials, led to the decrease of the quality of the woodworking machinery and equipment, hence its short service life.
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