How to choose and special-shaped sanding machine?

by:Gewinn     2020-06-18
1, prepare a tape measure 1 to 2. The diameter of the planetary disc first and measuring devices. Record down! Efficient alien sanding machine, for example. According to the grinding width points: 60 cm, whole house customized sanding machine, 1 meter, 1. 3 m three models. According to the sand roller number points: 3, 4, sanding machine, price 5 three models. According to the grinding material points: blister board, sand GuangJiChang home, real wood two paragraphs. 3, the thickness measurement disc! 4 and make record, thickness is 90 mm, draw a diameter of 480 mm, the thickness of 90 mm round, simulation can polishing grinding products by the center of the circle by accurately. If can pass, will prove that the equipment is feasible.
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