How to choose the high quality woodworking machinery

by:Gewinn     2020-09-24
How to choose the high quality woodworking machinery?

with furniture, wood floor production enterprise product upgrading in recent years, the user when choosing woodworking machinery and equipment, its foothold tend to focus on the domestic product. This is because the current domestic woodworking machinery overall technical level is close to the foreign advanced level, our country woodworking machinery production enterprise with the advanced international standards in strict accordance with the national standards and industry standards organization of production, to ensure that the domestic advanced woodworking machinery. Woodworking machinery manufacturing enterprises in our country has made unremitting efforts in create high-end products and fruitful.

so, want to high quality woodworking machinery of choose and buy, how should do? Please see the following methods:

a, see the main parameters:

this parameter is said woodworking machinery work ability and the main parameters affecting the woodworking machinery basic structure, usually with a maximum size can be processed by said. Some woodworking machinery in order to more fully expressed its size and ability to work, also need to have the second main parameters. When the main parameters by processing the maximum size of the hard, also can be used to represent the other technical parameters, such as the main parameters of microwave drying of board for badge wave power, the main parameters of mix glue machine, glue machine for the production capacity.

2, woodworking machinery, the movement of the main working parts size range, etc.

3, main movement speed range and woodworking machinery series, feed movement of feeding scope and series, fast moving speed, etc.

4, woodworking machinery, the main motor power, the feed motor power. Five,

. Woodworking machinery wheel foot size ( Length x width x height) 。

6, woodworking machinery weight.
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