How to control CNC carving wood lathe

by:Gewinn     2020-04-18
With the development of science and technology, numerical control technology and perfect combination woodworking lathe had now got the CNC woodworking lathe. Numerical control woodworking lathe for enterprises to improve the working efficiency, has brought good economic benefit. Using numerical control woodworking lathe to engraving is a technical very strong job, so when making sculpture, we should be how to control CNC woodworking lathe engraving depth? When we use numerical control woodworking lathe to engraving, wood the lower-left corner of the knife is the highest point of the plate, at the time of sculpt, lower place may just carved to, even too shallow position not carved out of the effect. If is the low of the materials, wood for some places will be carved is deep. The effect of the look is not very ideal. Using machine to measure some four angles, according to the X axis have a look at which position is high, which position is low, and then under the material of appropriate cushion something, try to keep the material level. Above is the method to control the numerical control woodworking lathe carving, hope to be of service.
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