How to correct operation electronic saw

by:Gewinn     2020-09-27
Most of the time when many people in the operation of second-hand electronic saw accidentally injured, because many people in the process of sheet metal cutting method of improper use, how can we avoid these accidents? Here are small make up tell you small method of the Lord, so that we can avoid a lot of unnecessary accidents:
1, the board should be tight man block, do not move;
2, operators must wear a mask, can't wear gloves can't wear loose clothes, not to have long hair.
3, according to the sheet thickness and hardness of adjusting cutting speed, the machine advancing at a constant speed, not too fast, too fast,
4, to the application when a small wood compression.
5, not directly use the hand to the rotation of the saw blade, if necessary, can use other long accessories first it away again.
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