How to correctly choose and buy all round woodworking machinery

by:Gewinn     2020-09-25
All is a kind of woodworking machinery planer, is used for polishing and surface smooth processing of wood, so when buying planer, and how to choose the woodworking machinery all round? Below is all round selection guidelines for woodworking machinery, hope to help you, other woodworking machinery and equipment knowledge, to view other pages on this site, secondly we second-hand woodworking machinery company mainly do the recycling, itu.
choose all round, just select the number of the knife axis and adjust the position between the knife shaft, the general should be based on the shape of the processed workpiece, batch, feed positioning, the determination of the benchmark and workpieces by knife shaft factors such as to how easy it is to choose. Environment for use by machining kinds of change, use all round and no definite principles. When choosing machine, want to consider one of the main processing, processing of other directions of give attention to two or morethings, overall arrangement, fully consider the technical requirements and capital input, reasonably choose one type of machine tool, in order to satisfy the most processing technology, the smallest cost, the most simple and convenient operation and maintenance for the principle, take the following four principles to choose the woodworking machinery all right.
(1) according to machining batch may choose machine processing capacity. Machine tool processing capacity, mainly depends on the feed speed of the machine tool, cutter shaft speed and cutting power.
(2) according to the shape of the cross section of the processed workpiece requirements, determine the number of the knife axis. All around the number of cutter axis determines the processing capacity of the machine tool, mainly determines the section shape of the machine tool for processing the workpiece. Under normal circumstances, the rules of cross section shape of the workpiece with four all round knife shaft processing which can meet the requirements. A surface for the profile, the other three sides by plane artifacts available five all round knife shaft processing, including the last knife shaft can rotate to adjust the best knife shaft. Machining of complex cross section shape, such as including the birch trough, birch head and two surfaces, or adornment is decorated with the line profile, calls for seven or eight knife knife shaft axis all processing.
3. According to the size of the machining and precision requirements, determine the mutual machine tool axis position and way of feeding. All can machining the biggest width size of the main parameters of the machine tool, the section size of workpiece, the width and height ( Thick) All round, determines the upper and lower levels and left and right vertical knife knife shaft axis adjustment between the limits of the scope, and the adjustment of the knife axis positioning accuracy, in general, the knife machine tool axis should not be in the adjustable range limit position, should have certain allowance, it will affect the precision of processing. Different feeding way will affect the machine in a clamping and positioning, thus affecting the workpiece machining accuracy. Generally, thin and long the poor rigidity of workpiece, the feeding mechanism of the pressure roller compaction force, and pressure roller accordingly. Short lumber such as good rigidity workpiece, feeding mechanism of the pressure roller pressure can be big, pressure roller can reduce accordingly.
(4) is given priority to with a product, to develop other products, give attention to two or morethings selection process can expand the scope of the machine tool, as much as possible in order to the needs of the development of enterprises in the future.
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