How to correctly choose and buy electronic saw

by:Gewinn     2020-09-26
According to the current Chinese furniture factory in China with machine requirements, board type furniture factory machinery and equipment for cutting mainly has pushed the table saw, reciprocating saws, automatic electronic plate cutting saw. When the choose and buy depends on your company's specific conditions. Our company is specialized in buying and selling second-hand electronic saw, then we will come today and you about how to choose and buy electronic saws.

1, domestic and JinKouJi. In comparison, the import opportunities more mature, they have on electronic saw woodworking machinery manufacturing for a long time of precipitation technology, but without MTK JinKouJi pre-sale and after-sales service is convenient, such as Germany, Italy, etc. , also the rapid development of China's woodworking machinery over the years,

also have been developed for woodworking machinery power.

2, about electronic saw prices, mainly related to his size and configuration model import price's partial higher than MTK. Respectively in the market with 3300 mm, 2800 mm, 2600 mm, says this is mainly the middle can cutting plate width, according to the conditions in our country at present most of the plate is 2440 mm,

2800 mm higher performance-price ratio.

3, saw from the electronic structure, because the technology has been held in abroad, but many manufacturers have also seen the huge market potential. And then using the original reciprocating saw upgrade, that is to say, reciprocating saws and feeder, it euphemistically called & other; Automatic saw & electronic throughout; 。 This is mainly embodied in the host city of the

when the reciprocating motion is driven by what? This is mainly useful wire, the difference between the chain and gear rack. In general use wire and chain, its cutting thickness less than 70 mm, speed is less than 40 mm/min. Because too thick or too fast, will cause the wire or chain skid phenomenon, at the same time will also speed up the machine

machinery parts of wear and tear, that is why the structure of the model accuracy after long time decreased, the reasons of frequent failure rate. If can reduce these phenomena in gear and rack, and have greatly improve thickness and speed.

4, electronic saw the operating system. This is a very key, system and simplified for employment aspects will be an important consideration in the future, if the system requires more than a high school culture, but also can a few days of training skilled operation, then with the current employment situation in our country to disagree. The main performance in the operating system

system layout. Simple layout is much, not enough will improve operating workers learning, grasp the difficulty of the machinery. In general, the main page one or two, a monitoring page system data set, a total of four pages or so will be more reasonable. Much will increase the difficulty of operating workers.

5, some big companies and electronic saw new brand. Not means that we must first clear, big, than especially for the technology is more difficult to master the situation. From some companies on the market at present to a share in this market, caocao with reciprocating saw upgrade also telling. And we have learned,

there are some big company completely copy foreign models, but due to the domestic processing and steel is less than the foreign technology, machinery is not mature as a result, the price is high, not competitive.

6, choose electronic saw devices are in order to improve efficiency. So these data is worth reference: currently on the market sales model, most of the cutting thickness is 70 mm or so, a small number of manufacturers reached more than 100 mm. Cutting speed, generally is 30 - the manufacturer 40 m/min, a small number of manufacturers

more than 60 m/min. These are the direct data efficiency, that is to say, also bought a machine, it is possible that efficiency is a third lower than others, and even more.
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