How to correctly operate CNC woodworking machinery

by:Gewinn     2020-04-13
In this era of rapid development of science and technology, and numerical control technology have got the perfect union of woodworking machinery. Numerical control woodworking machinery for the enterprise to improve the machining efficiency, has brought good economic benefit. In general, numerical control woodworking machinery at the time of operation, the enterprise for the operator safety into consideration, is more strict to the requirement of operating equipment. Then below small make up to you to introduce the right operation method of numerical control woodworking machinery. First of all, we are operating machinery and equipment, to check the mechanical equipment of various devices and the workpiece is normal. We should put the workpiece clamping and plunger top tight, then use both hands to turn the test run, after final confirmation of all normal, can drive a car. We will also according to the hard and soft wood parts, to choose suitable feed rate and rotational speed adjustment. Second, mechanical equipment in the process of turning, operators must not can use hand to touch to check the smoothness of the workpiece. When use sand paper burnish, should first after you remove will rest again. Machinery rotation, we must not can use the hand brake. In the end, we are processing of wood, if it is a square timber, we must first after processing into the shape of a cylinder with mechanical equipment for processing. If there is a knot in the wood, or there is a crack of wood, a certain cutting machinery and equipment cannot be used. Above is the right operation method of numerical control woodworking machinery, hope to be of service.
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