How to correctly operate woodworking machinery?

by:Gewinn     2020-04-30
In order to personal safety, and to product safety, everyone in the use of any product should be in the correct way procedures to operate, so as to avoid unnecessary accidents. In lunjiao, shunde district, foshan city, Ming xin wei woodworking machinery equipment here said the correct operation main points of the woodworking machinery. First to make sure that pressure loading device no damage for the rotating parts, often should clean workbench without dust, stocked with the necessary items, such as product plate. Or timing of the adjustment of the membrane temperature, to ensure the rack is when to start the heating cover lock, the guide rail and the surrounding it is strictly prohibited items, hand to leave. Laminating machine it is forbidden to stand people around at work, if discover the abnormal sound machine shall be immediately shut off the power, can't remove the safety cover class protection items, finally to shut off the power after work. Above is correct to pay attention to matters of woodworking machinery operation, hope to be of service, also welcome to manufacturers to consultant!
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