How to correctly operating CNC cutting machine?

by:Gewinn     2020-04-28
1. Is to inspect the CNC cutting machine, to see if the parts is normal, whether to connect the power supply, etc. 2. The second step is to switch on the power of the CNC cutting machine, loosen the CNC cutting machine stop button, and to ensure the cutting machine is ready to start the relevant preparation. 3. Three steps, for CNC cutting machine CNC operating system is normal. See if the operating system can appear error, if there are errors, is must solve in time, they can't solve, to contact the factory as soon as possible. 4. Four steps, to measure the dimensions of the machined part, to see if in the range of CNC cutting machine processing. 5. The five steps, namely is to start the CNC cutting machine pressure device, if no problem, can carry on the processing of normal work. A: guiyang woodworking machinery usually pay attention to? A: under the classification of the tenon machine and working principle of use
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