How to correctly use punch manipulator

by:Gewinn     2020-04-06
Manipulator is a kind of mimics the operation of automatic machines. According to fixed program grab, also see this moving objects or tools to complete certain operations. Application of robots can replace people in dull, repetitive or heavy manual work, realizes the mechanization and automation of the production, instead of manual operation in a hazardous environment, improve labor condition, ensure the personal safety, thus is widely used in machinery, metallurgy, electronics, light industry and atomic energy etc. Injection molding machine and punching machine interface of the manipulator is a handshake protocol, is to coordinate the order of the injection molding machine and manipulator. Interface defines the machinery installation and electrical agreement. After injection molding machine and manipulator interface connected, must do the following before using a punch manipulator detection: 1, open & other; Connect the injection molding machine & throughout; Signal, check whether injection molding machine can open and close mold thimble core-pulling motions, should not action. Shut down the signal, injection molding machine should be able to free action. 2, manual mode, the punch press manipulator movement to mold area, see if I can do clamping action, should not die. 3, dynamic mode, can make the process, whether the injection molding machine, combining a model should not the process. Check the thimble and core pulling the same way. 4, manual mode, the robot hand can make the process, whether the injection molding machine, combining a model when the process is completed, whether mechanical interface flush process is complete. Check the thimble and core pulling the same way. 5, put punch manipulator in manual mode and the injection molding machine door open, and at this time should be flush & other; Safety door open & throughout; Signal, can't do any action, will this information should disappear after the door closed. High-density embellish chang CNC machinery factory WWW. gmrcsk。 Com is the most professional punch manipulator, mechanical parts, CNC punch press, full digital ac servo motor and drive device, high technology content of motorized spindle, torque motor, linear motor, the high performance linear rolling components, features such as high precision spindle unit, greatly improve the level of nc machine tool technology. Company to science and technology for development, and constantly update and upgrade of product. Standardization, quality control of the whole optimization, to ensure that the product performance, laid the foundation of the company's development. Integration, terminal after-sales service, remove the trouble back at home of users.
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