How to correctly use sanding machine

by:Gewinn     2020-06-21
Sanding machine is the production of precision processing machinery, when operating in strict accordance with the provisions of, in case of improper harm the sanding machine and products. A, sanding machine must personnel operating, it is forbidden for non-specialists sanding machine. Two, need before sanding machine at boot check: 1 voltage, air pressure is normal, 2 machines have sundry, 3 abrasive belt is in good condition, 4 governor oil level is normal, 5 fastening screws are tight sand, six infrared window and reflector is clean, 7 sanding machine whether belt tensioning, appropriate 8 check vacuum is normal, 9 grounding are in good condition, 10 compressed air adequacy of lubricating oil. Three, turn time sanding machine lubrication, swing. Four, sanding machine tension before using abrasive belt and check whether the normal, abrasive belt installation direction is correct. Five, through to the main power supply, and check whether the brake disc is separated, it is strictly prohibited to lock. Six, start the main motor to check before sand swinging is normal, one at a time to start the main motor, waiting for the first main motor functioning and start the second motor, main motor starts to observe abrasive belt swing. Seven, before feeding oil standard caliper measuring the size of the workpiece, adjust the height can send belt according to measurement data to try sand, maximum sanding depth every time can't more than 0. 5 mm, sanding workpiece width is not more than 1 m. Eight, sanding machine can only be sanding wood material, workpiece not contain metal, glass, hard and sharp material such as sand and gravel. Nine, sanding process often should pay attention to the machine running situation, if there is any abnormal must check, downtime in endanger personal safety, equipment safety, abrasive belt running deviation, abrasive belt collapse rotten emergency must use the emergency brake switch down, under the normal operation of the downtime don't use the emergency brake switch. Ten, prohibited to wear gloves operation, long hair women must wear a hat to hair in the cap. 11, sanding machine operation concentration, cannot leave the machine, the machine must be able to operate without touching the conveyor belt, prohibit skill in the machines, runtime sand frame height is prohibited. 12, the end of the work must be in the correct application downtime, dust clean inside and outside the machine, close all the power and compressed air, side by side empty press and sanding the moisture inside the oil water separator.
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