How to correctly use the grinder

by:Gewinn     2020-05-02
1 a, job preparation. Check whether the grinding machine is equipped with a shield. 2. Check whether there is any crack on the wheel, the screw loose. Second, the operating procedure 1. Turn on the switch, start the motor. 2. Wait for 3 - 4 seconds, the normal operation of electric motor, the parts directly in sand grinding wheel. 3. Sand hand and grinding wheel distance should be kept more than 3 cm. 4. With the proper force parts processing into the ideal effect. 5. Processing is completed, shut off the power supply, cleaning machine and workplaces. Note 1. Grinding wheel is installed to balance correction, and idling commissioning. 2. Do not use rigid thing. no grinding wheel. 3. Operation of the grinding wheel, should stand on the outer edge of the grinding wheel turning into, don't too hard and prevent the broken wheel cuts. 4. Open after the grinding wheel, such as vibration and abnormal noise occurs, should immediately stop the repair.
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