How to do it using numerical control woodworking lathe zero accident

by:Gewinn     2020-04-25
Numerical control woodworking lathe is now the main use of equipment, wood processing industry is now wood 'Gospel' of the enterprise. Everyone knows automation equipment such as CNC woodworking lathe may be more easily have an accident, if the accident will not only delay the production, will harm the personal safety of workers. So how do you do with numerical control woodworking lathe zero accident? Let's take a look at together. A, participate in the operation of the production staff must be familiar with the performance of the lathe and safety operation technology. When it is necessary to conduct pre-job training, if not in accordance with the safety operation procedures, and no woodworking machinery equipment installation, safety protection device or safety protection device failure is easy to cause accident. Second, the workers must wear gloves when working, because most of the machine is manually into the feed. The main cause of this is easy to cut hands. Three, forbid fatigue operations. Because of the workers' fatigue caused by production accident to happen from time to tome, also must be forbidden. Each worker on time to rest, to ensure sufficient rest, factory should reasonable arrangement of working hours, only in this way can for high quality work. Four, workers must concentrate at work, because the woodworking CNC lathe speed is very high, the waste may high-speed rotation, distracted state carelessly will may scratch the body. Above is the numerical control woodworking lathe must pay attention to when using four, hope everyone in the later work, can pay more attention to the above several aspects, do real zero accident.
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