How to do woodworking machinery lathe knife this skill

by:Gewinn     2020-05-01
A knife is one of the important parts of woodworking machinery lathe, processing of wood mainly rely on it to complete. Wood lathe turning tool is power components in the process of wood processing equipment, it is also the only one drink wood directly contact parts, so I asked staff, every once in a while, will work to sharpen tool. Knife but a job particularly high technology content, in addition to mastering grinding technology, but also the efforts should also be accurate control of the knife. Otherwise it will affect the grinding effect and the service life of tool. Dynamics control problem about woodworking lathe knife, small make up specially consulted the experienced technical personnel, the grinding dynamics control to share with you some experience. Strength and push knives to accurately grasp the speed grinding, the grinding process recommended strength is as follows: coarse grinding: micro - light - weight - light - micro grinding: in the micro - light - micro fine grinding, the minimal - micro - minimal operation of every work strength is from small to large, then is to maintain strength, then decrease gradually. This is because in the beginning, sharpening stone and edge joint area of small, operating with tiny strength, can prevent the cut edge and protect the sharpening stone. With the grinding going on, the joint area of oil stone and the blade also increases, efforts should also increase. When is going to appear to shatter zone, should reduce the strength, can prevent oil stone cut edge, burrs and reduce the grinding marks in advance. To control the strength at the same time, also pay attention to control the push knife speed. Push broach the slower speed, local impact is the less, the more beneficial edge thinning, and reduce the edge defects, it is particularly important in the fine grinding stage. Make full use of the elastic cushion, using elastic buffer mainly include the following points: the elastic cushion is to make full use of the blade, prevent to produce hard to fix blade surface scratches and edge blade gap. Add thick soft mat, between advice in hand with a knife or frivolous auxiliary blade installation. Is to make full use of the blade is elastic cushion, prevent blade scratch or gap. Is to make full use of sharpening stone and its particle elastic cushion, prevent scratch blade surface and blade, and weakened the wear. Recommend the use of flat, soft, and light oil stone, sharp and soft mat out below. About wood lathe knife point it from here, if you have other knowledge of woodworking lathe also need to know if can go to the site to view of the company.
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