How to improve the automation level of enterprises through the use of stamping manipulator

by:Gewinn     2020-04-08
With the development of social economy, the new market-oriented potential to more enterprises put forward new challenge. In response to rising labor costs, artificial operation quality is not stable, management difficult problem, more and more enterprises focus on automatic production mode. Stamping automation is born in this environment, and develop together. In today's labor costs continue to improve, more and more enterprises begin to pay close attention to how to improve the automation level of the enterprise, in order to reduce running cost. Stamping manipulator is on the basis of automation equipment, according to the characteristics of special stamping production, research and development for the realization of stamping automation unmanned production equipment. It can replace artificial heavy labor in order to realize the mechanization and automation of production and operation in a hazardous environment to protect the personal safety, is widely applied in automation line loading and unloading and artifacts, automatic lathe, machinery manufacturing, etc. Stamping manipulator for man-machine interface and PLC control system, feeding speed and the interval setting is convenient, can be set stamping target output and display the current quantity, with the function of abnormal tips, maintenance is more simplified. And thus save the transfer time, under the condition of the process time is shorter, improve the transmission efficiency of the manipulator and productivity of the system. In the process of automobile sheet metal parts production, hedge pressure technology and stamping die put forward a series of demands. In high speed stamping machine tools and multifunctional stamping die, just & quot; High speed & throughout; And & quot; Multi-function & throughout; Can't meet the requirements of production, only to realize continuously to stamping machine and stamping mould plate, and stamping of sheet metal workpiece can in a very short period of time from the stamping die and stamping to the next station, to ensure the economic benefits of the theoretical calculation. High-density embellish chang CNC machinery factory WWW. gmrcsk。 Com is the most professional punch manipulator, mechanical parts, CNC punching machine manufacturers, the company features performance constantly improve features high speed, high precision, high power and intelligent direction development, and the application of mature. Full digital ac servo motor and drive device, high technology content of motorized spindle, torque motor, linear motor, the high performance linear rolling components, features such as high precision spindle unit, greatly improve the level of nc machine tool technology.
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