How to improve the edge sealing quality of full-automatic edge banding machine?

by:Gewinn     2020-03-11
Edge banding machine is one of woodworking machinery. It belongs to solid wood machinery. As the name implies, edge banding machines are used for edge sealing. The traditional manual operation process is completed with highly automated machinery. It includes many processes such as conveying, gluing, cutting, front and back alignment, upper and lower trimming, upper and lower fine trimming, upper and lower scraping, polishing, etc. There are many factors that affect the edge sealing quality of the full-automatic edge banding machine. For example, the edge sealing work is interrupted, which interferes with the time measurement and affects the reliability of the application of working hours. How to improve work rate, work efficiency and quality? Let's take a look at the following. I hope it will be helpful to you. 1. If the local edge banding fails to firmly adhere to the plate edge, glue can be applied for repair; 2. Wipe the anti-rust oil on the machine in time when rust spots are found on the plate; 3. Maintain the equipment of edge banding machine frequently, especially the gluing device of edge banding machine; 4. Cooperation between process flow and process (For example, the plates or door strips drilled first are sealed in groups, etc) , To be clear and clear, bad cooperation will also have adverse effects; 5. Performance of edge banding machine (Such as track speed) The orientation and height of the workpiece placement, the working speed of the worker, the ability to judge and handle the fault, and the working cooperation of the worker will affect the normal use of the edge banding machine, therefore, workers should have necessary use training before taking up their posts. If you want to minimize the working hours affected by interruptions in your work, please use skilled workers as much as possible. The maintenance work of the full-automatic edge banding machine can be judged by itself and simple maintenance can be carried out to save time and bring greater use benefits. The full-automatic edge banding machine has loose screws, resulting in unstable trimming. Find the datum, tighten the screws and adjust the cutter. ② Automatic edge banding machine trimming datum no find board. The edge-trimming knife can accurately make the edge-banding strip into an ideal line thanks to the horizontal and vertical guiding rule beside the edge-trimming knife. If they can't cling to the moving plate, it is bound to be impossible to repair the appropriate lines. Solution: send a long and flat plate into the edge banding machine, and stop the conveyor belt when the plate travels to the position where it can cover polishing, scraping, finishing and rough repairing, based on the board surface, lean the horizontal and vertical reference parts mentioned above against the board, close the cutting edge of the tool to the edge of the board, and wait for the fine adjustment until the ideal effect appears. (3) problems in the pressing part lead to abnormal operation of trimming and polishing equipment. If the plate is not pressed tightly, or there is a height in front and back of the pressing material standing plate, the solid wood processing equipment will exert a certain pressure on the side of the plate due to the gluing wheel and the pressing wheel when the plate travels to the gluing part, the displacement of the plate deviates from the datum line, resulting in the failure of the subsequent process. Solution: Press the plate tightly with the same tightness before and after, then lean the reference guiding rule and profiling wheel of the trimming tool against the plate, and then adjust the tool until the ideal effect is achieved. 1. The quality of the edge banding affects the quality of the edge banding. The Edge banding of the products sealed by the good quality edge banding is relatively tight, and the gap of the products sealed by the poor quality edge banding is relatively large. The machine scrapes marks on the surface when trimming. From the perspective of the cross section of the thick edge banding, the middle part of the glue surface should be a little more concave than the two sides. The Edge sealing of this kind of edge banding is more tight and the effect is better. 2. For manufacturers who do not have a front milling cutter device for edge banding machines, the cutting quality of semi-finished products to be edge banding also affects the edge banding effect. In order to prevent the product from bursting, a notch saw will be used during cutting. The effect after cutting should be that small saw blade marks can be seen at the section but they are not felt when touched. When the small saw blade Mark is too deep to seal the edge, it will not be sealed firmly, and a black line can be seen at the edge. The gap can be seen. 3. If the thick edge banding is used to seal the edge, the tightness of the pressing roller of the edge banding machine needs to be adjusted in the appropriate position, and the pressure cannot be too tight. Because the edge banding is longer than the workpiece, when the press roller presses the long part of the edge banding, the edge banding is given a force perpendicular to the feed direction. At this time, the glue is not completely solidified, and the bonding strength is not high enough, the tail is easy to loosen and causes the adhesion to be not firm. 4. The indoor temperature during processing should not be too low, generally above 15 degrees Celsius, especially when the edge banding is thick, the flexibility will not be enough, and the normal operation of the preheating device should be ensured, if there is no preheating device, you can also use hair dryer heating and other methods to soften the edge banding, which is more suitable for edge banding of curves.
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