How to improve the woodworking cold press bearing's life?

by:Gewinn     2020-04-28
A device, wrong, Accounts for about 16%) 1, the device overshooting, its ornate hammer bearing to bearing damage is larger; Also is the main reason for the forming deformation. 2, installation error or not installed to the bearing, bearing clearance is too small. Inside and outside the circle is not in the same rotation center, forming different heart. Proposition: select the appropriate or professional bearing assembly tools, end with a special instrument to detect device. Second, the pollution, Accounts for about 14%) Pollution can also cause premature bearing damage, pollution is refers to the dust, metal scraps into the bearing inside. Main reasons include: apply early to open the bearing before packing, formation pollution; Device when the working environment is not clean, formation pollution; Bearing of the working environment is not clean, working medium pollution, etc. Proposition: don't unpack the bearing before use; Device when the device environment clean, to use bearing for cleaning; Enhance the bearing sealing device. Three, smooth bad ( Accounts for about 50%) According to the survey, smooth adverse is formed one of the leading causes of premature failure of the bearing. Contains no timely smooth filling agent or smooth oil; Smooth agent or smooth oil not filling in place; It is no good smooth agent or smooth oil selection; Smooth method is not correct, and so on. Proposition: choose the correct smooth agent or smooth oil, using correct smooth filling method. Four, fatigue, Accounts for about 34%) Fatigue damage is a common damage bearing method. Common causes of fatigue damage could be: bearing overload for a long time; Failed to timely repair; It is no good repair; Abnormity grinding machine aging, etc. Proposition: select the appropriate bearing type, timely replace exhausted bearing on a regular basis. A: a: under the inspection and the methods of the woodworking machinery purchase six problems of wood processing center need to pay attention to
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