How to improve the woodworking machinery abrasion resistance play a biggest role

by:Gewinn     2020-04-26
Woodworking machinery abrasion resistance is refers to the ability to resist wear and tear. The wear is caused by friction parts surface material formed by losing or migration. Wear parts gradually changes in shape and size, resulting in component failure. In order to make the parts during the scheduled work at excessive damage and failure, for some parts ( Such as the sliding bearing) Abrasion resistance calculation. There are many factors which affect the woodworking machinery parts grinding. The pressure between the friction surface size and nature of the chapter, the size of the relative speed, to clean the material and processing quality, and the cloud, physical and chemical properties of lubricant. All of these factors have peng ring to wear rate on the surface of the parts, but there is no one recognized formula can make these effects to fully express companies. When the relative speed is higher, in order to prevent high suction surface membrane damage, even within the unit time and contact area on kang wipe fever and restrict. Efforts to improve the woodworking machinery parts abrasion resistance are: choose good abrasion resistance material, improve surface hardness fur coat, rent value throws degree, reduce the surface using better lubrication jing or more effective lubrication method, etc.
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