How to maintain the different sanding machine?

by:Gewinn     2020-06-19
The method of maintenance alien sanding machine: ( 1) Stops, the equipment should be clear the dust and debris on the photoelectric cell, use compressed air to blow the fuselage junction box in the dust. ( 2) Each class stops, dust removal of abrasive belt and conveyor roller. ( 3) Check whether the conveyor roller and feed reducer is overheating, check the oil mark, observe whether the oil in place. ( 4) Check the contact roller and tension roller bearing temperature, ensure that does not exceed 80 ℃. ( 5) Pneumatic three type water filter at the end of the need to discharge light water every day. When water, turn the handle to the left, open the drain valve, drain valve closed immediately after. Oil mist device adjust the opening of oil injection. In general, oil by 2 ~ 3 turns completely open, and according to the need to adjust.
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