how to make a table saw fence for homemade table saw

by:Gewinn     2020-06-02
This time I will make a table saw fence for my homemade table saw. How I did it -
You can check by watching the DIY video or you can follow the instructions below.
For this item you need: Material: aluminum rectangular profile wood screw (50mm)Square 2. 5x2.
5 cm wood pieces2x 7cm plank fence some plywood carriage boltsT nutsTools: table saw or hand saw drill bit HammerClampsI took this rectangular aluminum profile and made it twice with my homemade table saw with 9mm grooves in the middle.
This will be the slot for the sliding bolt.
Five screw holes were drilled and reversed.
Place the appropriate track on the edge of the table top and use the board to make sure the track is flush with the table top.
The marked holes are then drilled to full depth in pre-drilling.
It was fixed in place using 50mm wooden screws.
Square pieces of wood, eyeballs are added and the center of the groove is marked.
Three holes were drilled along the way.
Align the second square block with the hole position marked by the drill bit.
This time only the middle hole is drilled all the time, while the side hole is only half drilled.
Hammer two T-nuts in the side hole.
Remove a few millimeters of wood with a chisel and compensate on the back of the T nut.
Stick the two parts together, clamp and screw to a solid unit.
I used the shipping bolt for the slider.
Side bolts will be used as sliders. Middle one -
Will tighten all the mechanisms.
The carriage bolts have round bolt heads, so I grind the sides and let them fit on my track.
For the fence, I used the 7 cm board, plus the stick together, and screwed a piece of plywood to get a stronger fence.
The flatness of the blade with the edge of the track was checked. Looks good!
Align the fence, double check the square, clamp and tighten with 50mm wood screws.
Take some action on the fence, tighten again and check again --
Is it still Square?
It looks like this, so remove the wood screw, add the wood glue and screw everything back.
After the wood glue is dry, it is time to test.
The fence opens, moves and locks very simply and freely.
For example, the table saw fence can also be easily removed if cross-cut sleds need to be used.
Did some trial cuts.
Just looking at the last cut, where I got the fine strips, I can know that this fence is really accurate without any measurements.
When I think about this fence design, I want this fence to be as simple and minimal as possible.
I think I did a good job.
If you\'re interested in how I make my own table, you can check out another article I have on instructures here.
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