How to make the CNC woodworking lathe higher automation

by:Gewinn     2020-04-17
We now for numerical control woodworking lathe can better realize automation performance, better operation, the structure of it also have more requirements, mainly in the field of mechanical and electrical integration, small thermal deformation, etc. , we understand and aetna the manifestation of these two requirements. Mechanical and electrical integration of the nc machine tool is the important requirements for the overall design and structure design. It is to point to in the realization of the function of the nc machine tool and general layout must consider the combination of both mechanical and electrical. Each new machine tool system is not associated with each independent system. Such as numerical control woodworking lathe spindle system is no longer a simple mechanical transmission gear and belt drive, and more is on the basis of motorized spindle by ac servo motor. Electrical assembly and is no longer a pure free independent components in machine tools, machining center is on the layout and organically combined machine tool structure. Machine tool spindle, workbench, head of the moving parts in motion will produce heat, machining center to produce the corresponding thermal deformation. And process automation and the development of precision machining, the machining precision of machine tools and precision stability higher and higher demands are proposed. To ensure the movement precision of parts, require less calorific value of the moving parts, to prevent excessive thermal deformation. For this purpose, the machine according to the principle of thermal symmetric structure design, and to improve the spindle bearings, screw nut pair, the friction characteristics of high-speed linear motion guide. Such as Michael Jackson - 50 CNC numerical control lathe spindle box shell in accordance with the principle of heat symmetrical design, and in the outer shell casting with intensive cooling fin structure, main shaft bearing adopts high performance grease lubrication, and strictly control the injection rate, make the spindle temperature rise is very low. Machining center to produce a large number of scraps of nc machine tools, are generally good with a automatic chip removal device, etc. The requirements of the above is how to realize the automatic numerical control woodworking lathe, hope I can make you more understanding of CNC woodworking lathe!
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