How to overload the simple numerical control punch press run

by:Gewinn     2020-03-25
The company mainly produces CNC punch press, simple CNC punch press, etc. The simple numerical control punch press generally have a normal job index, how to special circumstances overload operation how to fuck right? The company professionals for you to answer: when the mould cutting force under the condition of load than CNC punching machine, we'll think of some way to reduce mould write-downs force to alleviate the pressure of the punch overload operation. First of all, we can will punch into bevel edge that can both reduce the cutting force will also increase the punching processing range. Another way is to the length of the punch from flush into the shape of different length, it can also reduce the cutting force. The above two ways only temporarily alleviate overload damage to machine tool, want users to be able to carried out in accordance with the normal operation manual operation, can mould punch to make step, namely the length of the punch to make has long have short, so to spread the blanking force, or will the punch into bevel edge, so that we can reduce the cutting force. Easy my company main products are CNC punch press, CNC punch press, CNC turret punch press, is the most professional manufacturers of CNC punch press across the country, is the core of shandong forging machinery manufacturing enterprises, is one of the member of China machine tool corporation. Standardization, quality control of the whole optimization, to ensure that the product performance, laid the foundation of the company's development. Integration, terminal after-sales service, remove the trouble back at home of users
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