How to programming of CNC punch press

by:Gewinn     2020-03-28
Here is by the company to explain how to programming of CNC punch press. CNC punching parts programming generally includes the following five aspects: the analysis of drawings, parts for process analysis and processing, mathematical processing of parts, parts processing program listing, the program debugging and modification and finalized. Analysis drawings, no matter how any parts processing, to analyze its parts first. A comprehensive understanding of the geometry of processed spares, size, parts material and the heat treatment condition, ready for processing. Process analysis and processing: process analysis is the preparation of parts processing technology, including the choice of blank, jig, the arrangement of the cutting tool selection and heat treatment, etc. For the determination of nc machining and choose the workpiece coordinate origin, tool change point in the processing and determination of feed line, etc. ( 1) Determine the processing scheme: first of all, choose to use the numerical control turret and jig bed, the second choice processing cutting tool and cutting parameter. ( 2) 。 Set up the workpiece coordinate system: to determine the correct relationship between workpiece coordinate system and the machine tool coordinate system, for the determination of tool motion trajectory and calculating the geometry size of preparation, also should consider parts shape tolerance requirement. ( 3) Determine the knife point and change knife point: in the process of nc machine tool for cutting point, changing knife point and the starting point of cutting tool in the process of general for the same point. This point on the choice, should first inspection and tool path calculation, secondly if change the knife point and artifacts have a safe distance, but are not allowed to change the knife tool and the workpiece collisions, finally also note in cutting point and artifacts are not too big, lead to too much spare travel, should make the cutting tool and workpiece to keep a safe distance. Pay attention to the different numerical control machine tool, the cutting point and in the determination of the cutting point. ( 4) To select the reasonable feeding route: feeding route is the whole machining process, the cutting tool relative to the workpiece specific trajectory, including fast moving spare travel and according to the need for machining process. When the choice should first ensure the precision and surface quality of machining parts, secondly we should pay attention to reduce feed line and empty travel as far as possible, improve the efficiency of production, make simple calculation, so as to reduce the process should be paid attention to the last number and programming work. ( 5) Reasonable arrangement of auxiliary functions: processing according to need to arrange some auxiliary projects. Such as: cutting fluid of start-stop, spindle speed transformation, for important dimensions arrange outage detection. Mathematical treatment: the so-called mathematical processing, it is according to the parts drawing size, identified feed line, the data needed for calculation of numerical control programming. Mainly include the fundamental point of calculation, list of curve fitting, the coordinates of complex three-dimensional curve or surface operation, etc. Parts processing program: according to determine the feeding line, calculation of complete individual data and has determined the cutting dosage, according to the processing instruction code and program of CNC system format, write parts processing program list. Writing process should strictly abide by the provisions of the manual programming, the programming method of general manual programming and computer aided programming. Using a single small parts can be manual programming, the complex large parts should use computer aided programming, to improve programming efficiency and quality, reduce labor intensity. Process of debugging and finally determined that, after the completion of processing programming should be input in the numerical control system software of the computer. Can be input by CNC control menu, use the DOS editor for input. Input is completed, to deal with the grammar test, teaching demonstration, simulation processing, etc. , after the last trial processing and testing of the first article and correct, to determine the final machining process.
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