How to safely introduce foreign woodworking machinery

by:Gewinn     2020-09-27
Increase with the development of the market economy, woodworking furniture exports, while domestic production of woodworking machinery and equipment cannot meet the demand of production, to some extent on the precision and accuracy is far less than foreign machinery and equipment. Large factories generally more strict quality requirement, take are imported equipment, provides the guarantee on the product quality. With the increasing of the imported equipment, we are in the process of buying second-hand woodworking machinery and equipment need to pay attention to the following items, lest be deceived and damage.

( A) Is the old woodworking machinery equipment without the archival filing formalities to import without authorization;

( 2) Is the must implement & other; Pre-inspections & throughout; The old machinery and equipment, but without & other; Pre-inspections & throughout; Imported without authorization;

( 3) Is the actual specifications of woodworking machinery and equipment, manufacturing date, inconsistent with the record;

( 4) Is electrical safety hidden trouble, some imported woodworking machinery equipment recycling old electrical part and power supply cable ageing, there is no warning sign, easy to cause the personal accident getting an electric shock, part of the woodworking machinery equipment power cord plug type does not accord with national standard, the use of the power system in conformity with the standard, make the mechanical equipment can not use;

( 5) Is woodworking machinery equipment machinery and equipment safe hidden trouble, some imported woodworking machinery driving part of the old mechanical equipment nudity, no safety protection device, and no warning sign, easy to cause harm to the operator;

( 6) Is health and environmental hazard, some imported wood old mechanical equipment running time is longer, bigger transmission part wear, noise at work than specified value, and sealing device is lax, poisonous and harmful substances, run, run, drip, leak phenomenon occurs frequently, toxic gas and other toxic and harmful substances in the workplace is higher, and some in the process of the production process produces a large amount of dust, etc. , these old woodworking machinery equipment in the workplace will seriously affect the operator's physical and mental health.

the above a few, it is easy to cause our loss to import some can't use & other; The garbage & throughout; When selecting a import, we must consider to be clear about, choose regular channels, don't blindly introduce.
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