How to solve the fault alarm of woodworking machinery

by:Gewinn     2020-09-27
Often occurs when we operate woodworking machinery, alarm and fault, and we, as professional trading of woodworking machinery manufacturers, for this kind of problem has the following conclusion:

a, super cheng alarm and disarm
distance, all axes are automatically set in dynamic state, as long as hold the direction key manually, when machine left limit position ( From the distance point switch) Restore the connection at any time when the motions. Pay attention to the direction of the movement, when moving workbench must be far away from the limit position. Soft limit alarm to XYZ can be reset in the coordinates set

2, output failure
1. Don't output, please check whether the computer and control box is connected well.
  2. Open the carving whether manager set in the space is full, delete unused files in manager.
  3. Signal connection is loose, carefully check whether each line connection.

3, the alarm failure
1, repeat the machining accuracy is not enough, according to paragraph 2 of article first check.
2, computer, machinery, woodworking machinery hangzhou check computer control card connected with the electrical box head is loose, if it is, tight, and tighten the screw.
3, the machine can't find the signal when back to the mechanical origin, according to article 2 inspection. The mechanical origin proximity switch failure.
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