How to solve the problem of unreasonable woodworking machinery CNC lathe

by:Gewinn     2020-05-01
We use the lathe is more in the woodworking industry, so that increase the production efficiency. Woodworking machinery CNC lathe impetus is the core equipment of biaxial car, its design process is not reasonable or appear a little mistake will lead to the lathe processing and the quality of manufactured goods, such as the car came out of the wood become less smooth, out of wood, etc. , critical illness can't flying blind, must suit the remedy to the case. Then we take a look at how to solve these problems we should handle? Sometimes in order to improve the work efficiency, blindly increase the speed of lathe processing, prompting the car out of the wood become rough, off the wood; Carpentry when programming, unreasonable cutter car wooden path will also make an error occurred when wood or rough. Tool design is not reasonable, cutting tool not sharp, ground deformation and so on of the reasons of the cutting tool; Therefore, to make the car out of the wood lathe smooth out wood, wood cutter, speed, and the car path three aspects are the better off, can improve product quality, improve production efficiency.
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