How to treat the thermal deformation is CNC woodworking lathe

by:Gewinn     2020-04-16
First tell you what is the thermal deformation, machine tool parts under the influence of inside and outside heat source, different levels of heat deformation will occur and lead to relative motion between workpiece and tool connection was broken. 1. Improve the machine tool group: under the condition of same fever, machine tool has a great influence on the thermal deformation and organization. Such as numerical control woodworking machine the past choose single mast organizations may be double column. Because mercy is symmetrical, dual column group after heated in addition to the main axis in straight direction, with the translation of other direction deformation is small, and straight axis direction of movement can easily make corrections in a coordinate amount to compensate. Axial thermal deformation occurred on the cutter to cut into straight direction. This can make the spindle thermal deformation reduced to minimal impact on machining diameter. 2. Temperature control: after adopted a series of cutting heat source method, the thermal deformation of status will be improved. But to eliminate machine tool table of heat source are usually very not easy. So it is necessary through outstanding heat and cooling to control temperature rise, to reduce the influence of heat source. Is one of the commonly used method in hot parts of the machine tool forced cooling, can also in some low temperature after heating machine tools, to make each point temperature tends to common machine tool, it can cut buckling deformation due to temperature difference. 3. Reduce fever: machine tool thermal deformation of the primary heat source during internal fever and should be tried to remove heat from the host.
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