How to use polishing machine?

by:Gewinn     2020-06-20
Polishing machine operation is the key to try to get the maximum polishing rate, in order to remove polishing when the damage layer as soon as possible. At the same time also want to make polishing damaged layer does not affect the final observation to the organization, namely not cause false organization. The former requires the use of relatively coarse grinding, polishing rate to the larger in order to make sure there are damage layer to remove the grinding, polishing damaged layer is deeper; The latter requires the use of the finest materials, polishing damaged layer is shallow, but the polishing rate is low. The best way to solve this contradiction is the polishing is divided into two stages. Coarse behind the purpose is to remove the grinding damage layer, this phase should have maximum rate of polishing, the surface layer of rough cast formation damage is a secondary consideration, but also should be as small as possible; The second is the essence behind ( Or eventually throw) , its purpose is to remove the coarse surface damage, make the polishing damage to a minimum. Polishing machine polishing, grinding surface and sample pads should be absolutely parallel and evenly gently press on the pads, pay attention to prevent fly out of sample and the new grinding crack due to pressure is too great. At the same time should also make sample rotation and moving back and forth along the wheel radius direction, in order to avoid local wear too fast in the process of polishing polishing cloth to keep adding powder slurry, keep polishing cloth certain humidity. Too much humidity can abate polishing grinding crack effect, make the hard phase in the sample presents projection and non-metallic inclusions in steel and cast iron graphite phase in the produce & other; Tailing & throughout; Phenomenon; Humidity too hours, due to the friction heat production can make the sample temperature, lubrication, grinding surface loses luster, appear even dark spots, light alloy will wound surface. In order to achieve the purpose of rough cast, low rotary speed, had better not more than 600 r/min. Polishing time should be longer than the time needed for removing scratches, because also remove deformation layer. Lackluster coarse cast after grinding surface is smooth, but, under the microscope has a uniform meticulous grinding crack, fine buffing to be eliminated. Fine buffing wheel speed can be appropriately increased, when to throw away the coarse polishing time damage layer is advisable. After fine buffing mill bright as a mirror, under the condition of the bright field microscope can't see the scratches, but under the condition of phase contrast light is still visible to the grinding crack. Polishing machine polishing quality serious influence the organizational structure of the sample, has gradually caused the attention of the experts. At home and abroad on the performance of the polishing machine made a lot of research work, developed many new models, a new generation of polishing equipment, are from the original manual operation developed into a variety of semi-automatic and fully automatic polishing machine.
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