How to use the security system of heavy sanding machine

by:Gewinn     2020-06-20
Heavy sanding machine belongs to processing machinery, the operating heavy sanding machine, must want to prepare safety protection measures, to prevent improper operation caused people injured, and hercynian her new machinery heavy sanding machine is equipped with safety system, the hercynian her new machinery is something about the specific way of using the heavy sanding machine safety system. 1, the stop button. Scram button equipment manufacturing units are generally set on the panel of the control system, choose red color, when there is sudden tight situation in the process of production can be quickly when press this button, the working process of the equipment will stop immediately. 2, the abrasive belt protection function. In the production of a long period of time can't completely avoid the fracture, abrasive belt running deviation, equipped with abrasive belt protection function of woodworking sander once encountered such a problem will brake down, in order to ensure operating personnel and equipment performance will not be damaged. 3, click protection system. When the equipment under the condition of severe overload and phase failure, electric opportunity automatically shut down, and in the control panel will give appropriate warnings. 4, workbench face lifting protection system. We usually refer to limit, can effective processing schedule. Hercynian her new machinery co. , LTD is one of the large domestic woodworking machinery series products manufacturing enterprises. The main products are sanding machine, primer sanding machine, double-sided sanding machine, heavy sanding machine, polishing machine, automatic polishing machine, primer wood sanding machine, semi-automatic wood sanding machine, plate cutting saw, push Taiwan saw, carving machine, etc.
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