how to use wood lathe tools

by:Gewinn     2020-02-15
The lathe wood cutter kit requires a set of precise tools.
Learning to use these tools is essential for the correct operation of a wood lathe.
The kit includes gou, ske, parting tools, spear points, calipers, ruler and ruler.
Each tool has a certain effect on different projects.
Where to put the tool while working, how to hold the tool when turning, and the general information guide is included in the subsequent steps.
If you want to buy a wood lathe and you need simple tools, please read on.
Grind your wooden knife.
The sharp tools work better and the cutting quality is higher.
Hold the wooden knife in the right hand, but not too tight.
The right hand should be fixed on the back end of the tool.
By placing the hand on the tool near the edge of the blade, use the left hand guide tool.
Place your little finger and palm back on the tool rack located in the center of the wood lathe.
Place the lathe tool on the tool rack and place it at a certain angle;
Cutting edge above the cylinder.
Support the tool firmly with both hands.
For the best results, let the wood come to the tool.
Place the first cut at least 1 inch from the end to prevent the lathe tool from getting stuck.
This can cause your wood to crack or the tool to be thrown out of your hand.
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