How to wash lathe surface impurities

by:Gewinn     2020-04-23
Numerical control woodworking lathe operation frequently, the use of time is long, there will be dust or rust layer includes some impurities, we must not only clean the clean-up after the end of the day's work, to avoid the occurrence of impurities, appear after impurities should pay attention to clean, let's learn how to clean the impurities! A, preliminary cleaning processing. Idea is to get rid of the old oil, rust layer on the surface of the numerical control woodworking lathe and paint, etc. To old oil suggest using bamboo or soft metal, scraping the old oil or use degreasing agent to remove oil; Another is defatted processing, some parts in a quarter of an hour or so to degrease reagents, as for the larger parts you can use to dip dip cleaning or use cotton ball nozzle for degreasing operation; ChuXiu then there is for operation, for those slight rusty spot to thoroughly remove all know to show the metal color below, and try to keep the machine surface smooth, another is in after the completion of the rust removal should be used or clean gasoline, kerosene, and can be coated with appropriate anticorrosive grease; The last is the removal of paint, general rough machining surface adopt the method of chipped; Coarse and fine machining surface can use cloth dipped in gasoline or banana oil rub to remove; The processing surface is rugged ( Such as screw, the gear surface) When using a wire brush or with wire brush. 2, use cleaner or hot oil cleaning, you can use the cleaner directly on the machine surface cleaning, if there is a lot of grease can be used to heat the oil washed processing, but the oil temperature is unfavorable and exorbitant. Three, the last is the whole cleaning operations. To clear out all kinds of impurities on the surface of the machine is complete, you can use compressed air to blow dry, and then use kerosene or gasoline is rinsed clean the whole surface of a machine. In order to avoid the numerical control woodworking lathe of impurity, we suggest that in ordinary must do the maintenance, at the end of every day use must be clean, if the old oil, rust layer and paint the impurities that can use the above method for processing!
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