Huge market opportunity, German machine tool industry is complacent

by:Gewinn     2022-05-23
Machine tools are indispensable for building a modern, international and competitive industry. For China, it has not only simply purchased machine tools in the global market, but has also established its own machine tool industry. In this process, local manufacturers frequently cooperate with international manufacturers, who come to China with their technical know-how. Compared with groping under their own system, Chinese manufacturers get more direct results through cooperation. Rapid progress. In all industrial sectors in China, the need for new production capacity and the modernization of existing facilities has never been greater. The growth of machine tool consumption is far greater than the quantity that can be provided locally in China. From the user's point of view, there are countless international investors in the Chinese market, and they need high-quality production technology, which is also an important reason why leading foreign machine tool manufacturers, such as German manufacturers, have huge market opportunities in the Chinese market. The positioning of the German machine tool industry is different from that of other countries. For China, which is striving to build a strong industry, we can provide a wide range of products and services - which can meet the needs of most manufacturing tasks. We offer a full range of services and extensive engineering business experience, as well as a global operating customer base. Due to its low labor cost and high output, China's machine tool manufacturing industry has a major advantage in cost. This also means that they and German manufacturers are active in different market segments. Therefore, we do not think that in the next few years, local Chinese machine tool manufacturers will compete with German manufacturers on the same stage. Nominally, China now exports about one-sixth of its machine tool production. As a result, it has risen to the eighth place in the ranking of the world's most important exporters. However, taking exports to Germany as an example, it will be found that there are many machine tools that are not classified according to international statistical standards. This makes this data less comparable to other data. Another major problem in China's machine tool industry is the widespread technical plagiarism. This is very harmful to the establishment of the status and credibility of Chinese industry in the global market and must be resolutely stopped.
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