Hughes Christensen successfully developed the industry's fastest steel tooth drill

by:Gewinn     2022-05-30
After three years of hard work, the Ru0026D team of HugheChristeen has successfully developed the fastest steel tooth cutting structure in the industry. Its FastMax bit products can provide higher drilling speed for offshore or onshore drilling. FastMax drills have more rows and teeth than the standard HugheChristeen line of steel teeth: increased from 7 to 9 rows, all inner rows are innovative patented EnduraII surfacing hard alloy cones shaped teeth. These cones can carry higher contact loads, extending wear life and reducing the likelihood of mud bales when drilling fast. According to the company, the FastMax drill includes the patented STL surface surfacing hard alloy, which uses industry-leading technology to strengthen the slap and claw tips of the steel teeth and the TCI drill. With the application of highly wear-resistant materials, operators are drilling heavily with drill bits with reliable bearings and seals and long life, significantly reducing potential damage from wellbore contact.
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