Japan and Europe's large robot companies wrestle the Chinese market

by:Gewinn     2022-05-13
The market share competition between Japan and Europe's large robotics companies will become increasingly fierce with China as the stage. The one that has seized the opportunity is the Swiss heavy-duty motor company ABB. The company has started local production since 2005. In 2006, the robot business department was transferred to Shanghai. The current annual production capacity is about 8,000 units. Recently, the robot will be expanded from the automotive field to the pharmaceutical and food fields. 'Japanese companies do not pose a threat,' said Per-Vegard Nerseth, head of ABB's robotics business unit, with confidence. Among Japanese companies, Yaskawa Electric and Fujikoshi put their factories in Jiangsu into operation in 2013. Strive to seize all the business opportunities of automation in fields ranging from smartphone parts to tricycles and masonry transportation, and actively catch up with ABB. And the technology exodus and the imitation of local businesses are worrisome. Robotic components such as motors and reducers can be easily sourced locally. The key is the control software. At present, only Japanese companies, ABB and Germany's KUKA Roboter Group are said to have the ability to manufacture multi-joint robots (more than 6 axes) that can complete complex movements. Japanese companies have technologies and experience honed together with the automotive industry, such as high-speed motion and multi-robot collaboration. Japanese companies will develop all important control software in Japan to prevent the outflow of technology.
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