Japan releases cooling scheme for ball NSK bearings

by:Gewinn     2022-05-11
Japan released the cooling scheme of ball NSK bearings, and the newly produced products can be used in high-speed cooling fan motors. With the launch of this product, NSK Bearing's technology has risen to a new level. Ball bearings for cooling fan motors will be released with a sound life (the time until the sound level from the bearing exceeds the required value) at a high temperature of 120°C that is twice as long as the company's previous products. This NSK bearing uses special grease developed for fan motors widely used in IC cooling and other fields. The sample supply has been started, and the newly developed grease has not only reduced the sound rise level at 120°C by half, but also suppressed the grease noise peculiar to high-temperature greases. Deterioration of the grease is suppressed by improving the heat resistance of the base oil and thickener in the grease component. In addition, by incorporating an appropriate amount of additives, the acoustic life of the bearing is extended. In addition, by improving the manufacturing process of the grease, the dispersibility of the thickener is improved.
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